It all started in 1943...               
From the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

To Whom it May Concern:

GREETING: This Charter is issued by the authority of International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, does grant to the following persons, and to their successors, power to establish and hold a Union of the Brotherhood to be located at Cincinnati in the State of Ohio to be known as Union No. B1347 with jurisdiction as a Utility over the Employees of Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company of Cincinnati and the vicinity.

This charter grants to said Union all powers delegated by the constitution.  The conditions of this charter are such that it may be retained as long as five members in good standing comply with all requirements of the constitution and general rules of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, unless reclaimed by the International Union.

    In Witness whereof, we have here unto set our hands and the seal of this International Union this First day of March in the year of One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty Three.

Ed J. Brown, President

    This historical document founded our Local Union in 1943, over 61 years ago.  We have experienced many trials and tribulations and have seen many changes within our Local over those six decades of service.  We also realize our future undoubtedly holds many more changes.  

     In 1967 the membership of Local 1347 voted to go on STRIKE.  This was the first and only STRIKE in the history of our Local.  After walking the picket lines for 11 weeks, Local 1347 members decided to go back to work for a nickel less than was originally offered.  A nickel may not sound like much, but at the time, the top wage in our Union was $3.45, meal money was $1.50, shift differential was 9 cents for 2nd and 13 cents for 3rd shift.  A number of our current benefits were not even heard of yet.  In the 47 years after the STRIKE your Union continues to negotiate for some of the best wages and benefits in the Utility Industry.

     From our beginning with the Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company, to Cinergy, to Duke Energy and beyond, our Local Union will be there to service it's membership.